About Us

American Roofing Industries is a local North Texas company with over 25 years in the business. Our experience has allowed us to maintain an excellent reputation with our commercial and residential clients. Our success can be attributed to the fundamental principals established by founder John Mitchell. John oversees and manages each project team personally so that the proud tradition continues.

John Mitchell                           CEO/President

John has been a leader in the roofing industry for over 2 decades. Originating from the mid west, John began as a shingle roofer in the fall of 1986. His desire and interest in the roofing trade and construction industry motivated his move to Florida in the winter of 1986, where he continued his roofing career. His ambition lead him to obtain his adjusters license and add to his profession as an Independent Insurance Adjuster, where he settled claims for business and home owners for 8 storm seasons. Along the way he realized that he had something more advantageous to offer his clients. With great knowledge and understanding of both worlds, contracting and insurance adjusting, he offers insight, perspective, and advantages that most roofing contractors just don’t have.

John’s inclination to help is what leads him to start working storm losses in 1991. He has worked in major disasters such as Hurricanes and Tropical Storms: Andrew, Floyd, Allison, Charlie, Francis, Katrina and Ike. His knowledge as an insurance adjuster allows him to bridge the gap between his clients and insurance companies. His compassion and dedication to help has lead him to several locations across the United States. He eventually moved and established the company headquarters in North Texas in 2003. John and his team continue to work on behalf of their clients ensuring their satisfaction, and retaining and continuing to build their reputation in the community as well as with their clients through Trust, Personal Attention, and Superior Service.

In addition to specializing in insurance claims, we also offer virtually every type of commercial and residential roofing systems.

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