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American Roofing Industries has decades of experience in virtually every type of roofing for commercial buildings.  Whether you have flat or low pitched roofs or steep pitched roofs, or multiple roofs in combination,  ARI offers a variety of commercial roofing applications and installations such as BUR (Built-Up-Roofing), Modified, TPO, EPDM, SCPE, PVC Single Ply (ballasted, fully adhered, or mechanically attached), standing steam metal, corrugated metal, and all types of tile and slate. We install roofing for new construction projects as well as roof replacements on all types of structures.  We also offer N.D.L. (No Dollar Limit) warranties for a worry free roof.

Covington 01

The Graham Building – Covington, LA – Standing Seam Metal Roof

ARI stops Leaks!  Has your building had a nuisance leak or multiple leaks?  Had inspections and repairs, and still it persists?  And changing the ceiling tile hasn’t fixed it neither?  Call ARI to fix it once and for all!  We will come out and perform an evaluation of your roof, track all possible water sources, and do water testing to determine the cause and source of the leak, or leaks, and most important, a solution!

ARI also installs custom flashing, wall cap, gutters and downspouts in colors to accent or match other accessories and signage on your building. Our experienced crews are thoroughly educated in all system types we install to ensure the installation meets manufacture specifications.

ARI’s highly skilled group of managers will provide you with quality service and recommend the best solution for your roofing project needs. We will insure you obtain the maximum return on dollars invested.

From office buildings, large commercial buildings and shopping centers, to condominiums and apartment complexes, ARI has the knowledge, experience, and expertise to complete a vast array of roofing projects. This includes the commercial division under the supervision of the President and Vice President of the company.


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